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Members from ages seven to 18 participate in a weekday afternoon boxing training program designed to improve mental toughness, physical fitness, attention, discipline, and focus, while at the same time providing a safe space to occupy their time.


We empower youth to develop their own sense of social responsibility through a combination of participation rate, improvement in school grades, and commitment to the program. A successful member will achieve self-assurance and self-actualization, build their own relationship to leadership, graduate high school, and continue on to college, enroll in the armed services, or secure full-time employment.

Youth Leadership Development

Our YLD Project entails a 16-week training session where our boxers would spend half of their time learning the fundamental skills of boxing including cardio fitness, self-discipline, and hand/eye/footwork coordination.


The other half of their time would be invested in learning the fundamentals of leadership through the lens of Latinx Leaders. We will explore the innovators, trailblazers, and champions of social justice from the Latinx community.


We will also build community engagement by volunteering with the Small Town Project at the Rocky Ford Food Share. Finally, we will explore local civics within the City of Rocky Ford, the Rocky Ford Police Department, and the Rocky Ford Fire Department under our Coach Sherry Cordova who is also a Councilwoman for the City of Rocky Ford.

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